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June 09 2015



I just want to say that my blog is flagged as nsfw and all of my pictures are tagged nsfw as well. I censor everything questionable I make with no direct link to the full picture.

It’s not really a question of being potentially dangerous to unwilling or unknowing children. I have done everything within my limits to make sure accidental exposure is impossible.

If there are children or people who don’t like seeing nsfw art, I don’t know why they have not set the parameters to NOT see it, and regardless, I’ve already censored it.


June 08 2015

The Gate to the Netherworld  is Open




Come freely, go safely and leave something of the happiness (Tips) you bring.

The girls and boys are pretty thankful down there.

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June 06 2015

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Gifset for the Patreon funded short! 8)

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June 05 2015

modeseven777 said: Get ZBRUSH LERRRRRN

Zbrush is crazy fucking expensive thp

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Ok, so I caved in from all the people asking for my Patreon, so I went and launched one.

If you guys are feeling supportive and wish to pledge, I’d really be thankful for it. Funding me $10 or more and you’ll be treated with uploaded PSDs of my work and some of my PSDs of my Animations when I get around to doing some.

I will be uploading my work here for everyone as usual though, I’m generally against paywalls and exclusivity and I want to keep sharing my work with all you fabulous people who have continuously been here for me these many years.

May take me a while to get this thing rolling in full motion, but I’m hoping to develop on it and maybe put in goals and other things, but I’ll be doing the PSD updates for the time being.

Thanks for being here and I’d really appreciate any and all support from you!

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Sculpting’s pretty fun, but I think I’ll leave it to the pros

June 04 2015

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Hey guys now that i’m out of school for the summer i’m pleased to announce that summertime Commissions are now open! 
All of my other commission information, including prices, and terms can be found on [this page] So check that out and send me an email titled commission to Maizken@gmail.com if your interested or have any questions you wanna ask. 

  Plain Sketch   - Bust $25 |  Waist $25  |  Full-body $35
+Base Colours - Bust $30 |  Waist $35  |  Full-body $45
+full Colours     - Bust $45 |  Waist $50  |  Full-body $60

10 slots will be open!
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open

Thank You! ^u^

PayPal can robocall you with advertising from July | News | Geek.com


Ummm…. maybe keep your eye on this…



June 03 2015

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early stage of tiddy stencil.

Breasts need to be overhauled badly, since they’re very poorly built right now, and you can easily make them go crazy with enough force from the hand item.

I need this

Don’t insult your own art.


Seriously guys, whats happening lately that, just in attempts to give me praise, you say things like “You’re so much better then me”, “Your art makes mine look like roadkill”?

Im hating it! Everyone! start apreciating your art! you dont have idea how manny people have asked me “hey, would you  teach me how to draw?” dozens! literally dozens! and of course, not even 10% of that people even attempt a single one of the little exercises i give them. You may think your art is bad, but if you have the BALLS to show your art online, have a gallery, and keep drawing with time, you are acomplishing much MUCH more than HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of people who cant even have the commitment for! Im sure im not the only artist who has had that situation.

Insulting your own art to praise someone is not flattering at all, have some DIGNITY, youre spending a lot of your time in each piece, and the second you say “my work sucks” YOU THROW ALL THAT TO THE GARBAGE, youre not acknowledging what youve done, and that other supposely better artist gets into a really unconfortable possition of pressure and doubt, a good artist is not god, he or she has commited thousands of mistakes in the strive to make it work, and by deitizing an artist, you only make their “place” unreachable for you.

I dont want that.

I want thousands of good artists that are comparable or better then me, and i want to share with them. A good artist is not that who knows it all, is the one who makes the EFFORT to know it all.

Dont insult your art. youd be insulting yourself,your life, your time spent on your work, and of course, if you care for my opinion, you’d be insulting me.

June 02 2015

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Hey everyone! I’m launching a Patreon!


I’ve had the milestone of 6000 followers ever since my start on FurAffinity, and I finally hit it on both FA and Tumblr the same week! 

Thank you all so so much for your support! ; u ;

If you support me you’ll get access to my work early as well as various rewards! More info on my Patreon page! ( As well as a squishy Emelie GIF! )

Nude and Lace panties versions of the image above are avaliable right now as a download for 3$+ patrons!

I’m also opening an ask blog so commonly asked questions can be answered and viewed  easily!   ( No art will be uploaded to my ask blog, Certain questions may be reblogged on my main Tumblr )

My art will remain free for the public just like before! Somewhat refined sketches such as the ones in my previous sketch batches will still be uploaded and viewable by non-patrons!
The pages of studies/loose concepts you’ll get through my patreon are things I wouldnt normally show! For those of you who are curious about what goes on  " behind the scenes"!

June might overflow a bit in terms of art and uploads seeing as I have a bunch of images stacked up! I will likely have more than 8 PSDs uploaded for patrons by the end of this month. ( I won’t charge patrons more than 4 times tho! )

In three days ( june 5th, my birthday!) I will upload the alternate versions of the image above publically. After that you can expect something new to be uploaded every 2 days for the rest of the month! Patrons will get access to said uploads 3 days early.

In July things should stabilize to 1 update per week and variation polls will open up!

Might take me a little while to adjust to all the Patreon functions, so don’t panic if something seems odd! Send me a message here or on the ask blog and I’ll try to solve it as soon as possible! Thank you! :)

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June 01 2015

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May 31 2015

I need to stop posting stuff at 4 am, I’m going to bed

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NSFM (Not Safe For Me)

June is going to be R34 Super Mario World month.

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Finished it because why not

May 29 2015

There was a neat tutorial on censoring hentai genitatila (ya know like the little black bars and stuff) showing what was acceptable and what was not.  I can’t seem to find it.

May 28 2015

Had to cut the stream short because Picarto was being a big dumb.

Get your shit together, bruh.

May 27 2015

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Depending on the following week I may or may not open a more dirt-cheap commission period because MOMMA NEEDS NEW SHOES. Enjoy chub-butts regardless!

(not kidding my old shoes will take about 100 euros in repairs and I would very much like some other new clothes too after 2-5 years of same olds…)

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